Cesyl Mills is Back in ABMA and Will Be Attending. Schedule your meeting with Cesyl Mills Now!

Thu February 20, 2020

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A New Supplier has been added!! We'd like to welcome Cesyl Mills back into ABMA and they will be attending and exhibiting at the upcoming convention.

If you are attending the 103rd ABMA Annual Convention in St Petersburg, FL and would like to meet with Cesyl Mills please add them to your list of requested meetings. The Scheduler Request software is up and running:

Here is how it works:

The address to the scheduling site is below:


All you need to do is enter the email address associated with your convention registration and it will route you to your page. Do not worry if an email address does not work. Simply contact Dave Parr at ABMA HQ and we will sort out the correct email to use. There are fields to enter their City, State, … but it is not necessary. Simply use drag and drop to submit your requests and be sure to hit SAVE when finished. Please remember, the first three hours of the Face 2 Face meetings are scheduled through this software so submit your requests as soon as possible. Closer to the event you will receive your confirmed meeting schedule once they have been developed.

Your Association thanks you for your support.