Volunteer to Be a Pro for the Meet The Pros Roundtable

Tue July 17, 2018

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People enjoy learning from their peers. Most everyone is curious about what their co-manufacturers/competitors/customers are doing, or have done concerning certain industry related topics that affect everyone.

Along these lines ABMA is presenting “Meet The Pros Roundtable” at the ABMA 102nd Annual Convention. Envision a room with approximately 8 tables and an opportunity for shared discussion over a two hour window. Discussion lasts 10 minutes followed by a five minute passing period. Completely open format. Visit one table or all eight. Or don’t come at all. Our “pros” come from within our industry.

Our “pros” would need to prepare a short 1-2 minute presentation on their topic. Topics are not related to products or machinery. Some possible examples below. ABMA HQ will gladly work with volunteers in the development of their topic presentation as requested.

    • Human Resource Pro to discuss hiring practices, employee retention, millennials and related employee benefit topics.

    • Succession Planning Pro to discuss issues related to passing the torch.

    • Shop Floor Safety Pro to discuss best practices to keep employees safe on the job.

    • Social Media Pro to share best practices on how to use social media to your advantage and what to avoid.

    • Employee Screening /Personality Testing pro.

    • Ecommerce Pro to address trends and demands put on us by catalog houses, amazon, retailers.

    • Environmental Pro to discuss best practices for reducing your carbon footprint while at the same time delivering a return on your investment.

    • Big Data, IoT pro to discuss how these topics translate into the brush industry.

We seek volunteers to “Be A Pro” for these topics. Please consider giving back to your industry by being a topic Pro in 2019. Contact ABMA HQ if you are interested in being a pro for any of these topics, or if you have a topic in mind that you would like to see presented.

Many thanks for your consideration.