Atlas Graham Furgale Merger Update

Fri August 21, 2015

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We would like to take this time to update you on what is happening with the merger between Atlas Graham and Furgale Industries. We have been extremely busy over the last two months and things are truly starting to come together. We have officially merged the two entities on paper, however we will be operating separately until January 1, 2016.

At that time you will be able to order products from both companies (AGF), under one roof (using either AG or Furgale SKU's), delivered on the same truck, or picked up at either our Winnipeg or Toronto locations. During the first half of 2016 we will be taking a serious look at SKU rationalization and eliminating duplicate items. Our common sense approach will focus on products that sell, while producing the products with lower sales figures, as custom ordered product.

We have formulated the FAQs below with many of the questions we have been asked over the past few months. We intend on releasing a monthly update and news brief continually until we amalgamate January 1, 2016.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact us.

Why did Atlas Graham and Furgale decide to merge?
This merger will create a more streamlined infrastructure that will allow for greater manufacturing synergies, an expanded base of high quality products and service for our valued customers. We believe we have solidified our position as market leaders in Canada; we have become one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to quality and delivery

When will the merger be finalized?
The official amalgamation date when the two companies will operate as one, will be 01/01/2016.

What will be the official name of the new company?
The new company name will be Atlas Graham Furgale (AGF)

Will the Management Structure change?
Mr. Tim MacGregor has been named President and CEO of Atlas Graham Furgale Ltd. and leads a strong management team. Messrs. Graham and Furgale will assume new roles on the Board of Directors.

Where will the company's headquarters be based?
The headquarters of AGF are located at 1725 Sargent Avenue, Winnipeg Manitoba. This building will continue to serve as our manufacturing facility and main distribution centre for Central and Western Canada. A second distribution warehouse is located at 375 Britannia Road East, Mississauga, Ontario which serves Ontario and Eastern Canada.
Will this change the way that your products are made?
We will continue to manufacture our products to the highest quality standards, while offering the existing superior craftsmanship in our product selection, as we expand our line to include both Atlas Graham and Furgale products.

Will lead times and delivery times change?
We do not expect any service disruptions during the transition, depending on your trading area, we may even see lead times decrease.

How will this impact customer service?
Our dedicated customer service team has grown! You can expect the same great service from our combined team as you've grown accustomed to. Our companies share a common history and hold similar values and philosophies. We will continue to conduct our business with an emphasis on superior service, honesty and integrity.

Will I contact one person for Furgale information/ordering and another for Atlas Graham?
Each of our excellent customer service representatives are happy to help you with any/all product or account inquiries.

Will this merger change my order process?
Effective 01/01/2016 all purchase orders should be sent to:

Atlas Graham Furgale
1725 Sargent Ave.
PO Box 1978
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada, R3C 3R3
Phone: 1.204.775.4451
Fax: 1.204.775.6148
Email orders can be sent to your current Customer Service Representative.

Will the product numbers change?
All existing product numbers have been loaded and updated in our system; no part numbers will change for the time being. As we address and eliminate duplicate products, changes to item numbers will be communicated as required.

How will the merger affect UPC codes?
Please continue using the existing codes for both Furgale and Atlas Graham products. All existing UPC codes have been linked to our AGF database and will update automatically.

Will Atlas Graham and Furgale continue to hold separate price lists?
Until further notice both price lists will remain valid. We will be releasing an amalgamated price list, available January 1, 2016.

When will Atlas Graham & Furgale orders be consolidated?
You will begin receiving consolidated orders shipped from our distribution centres starting on 01/01/2016.

What financial changes should I be made aware of?
The following changes will apply effective 01/01/2016:
GST # - AGFGST 10032 8418 RT 0002        
PST # - AGFPST 10032 8418 MT 0002       
United States Account Number: 0003 001 4792-551          Bank of Montreal
Canadian Account Number: 0003 001 1975-396                   Bank of Montreal

Who do I make my payments to after the merge date?
After the merger is complete all payments should be made to:

 "Atlas Graham Furgale"

Who should I contact if I need more information on the merger and how it affects me?
Please contact Tim MacGregor if you have any questions about the merger

Tim MacGregor
President and Chief Executive Officer
Head Office
PO Box 1978
1725 Sargent Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3C 3R3
t. 204.594.1472
c. 204.294.1034

What will the new AGF Sales Team look like?
The AGF Sales team will be announced to all of our customers and suppliers before the end of August, 2015 and will be in place effective August 1, 2015. They will be free to answer any questions or concerns you may have, keep a look out for more updates!
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