Denali Home Collection by Monterey Mills Announces Design-A-Throw Winners

Tue March 10, 2015

Denali Home Collection by Monterey Mills Announces Design-A-Throw Winners

JANESVILLE, Wisconsin (March 9, 2015) - Denali Home Collection by Monterey Mills, the nation's largest supplier of knitted pile fabrics, has announced its winners for the Fourth Annual Design-A-Throw Contest.  The Grand Prize of $1,000 was awarded to Alyssa Gonzales (Savannah College of Art and Design) for her design, "Coffee Shop".  The award was presented by Brent Birkhoff, COO of Monterey Mills in a ceremony at Savannah College of Art and Design on March 6th. Twelve prizes were awarded in this year's competition: one Grand Prize, three 2nd Place, five 3rd Place, and three Honorable Mentions.  In all, $4,100 in prizes were awarded to students this year, and $2,500 in scholarship funds were donated to participating schools.

Students from seven colleges and universities across the country participated in this unique opportunity to design a throw, adding to Denali's 2016 collection.

"Our goal was to utilize the talents of students to develop new designs into the line.  We were not only overwhelmed by the response from numerous design schools that participated but also amazed at the level of creativity," states Daniel Sinykin, President and CEO.  "We are awarding the top twelve designs and are excited to start adding some of these into our collection."  The throw designed by Alyssa Gonzalez was presented to her and is available for purchase today by contacting Denali Home Collection at 800-588-0081.
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The Denali Home Collection by Monterey Mills is instantly recognized as a distinctive gift item due to its plush feel and large size.  Denali double-sided throws bring the consumer a new level of warmth and softness.  Softer and warmer than fleece, these unique throws are made from an innovative fabric twenty years in the making.  Called MicroplushTM, the hi-tech pile fabric is knitted with a very fine denier acrylic fiber making it light, soft, and comfortable to the touch.  "I have yet to meet a person who doesn't say that this is the warmest throw that they have ever had," said Sinykin.

Birkhoff stated that the Company is already working on the patterns submitted and has announced the Fall 2015 Design-A-Throw Contest will be Vintage Themed.  Information can be found on the website at

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