Hahl-Pedex Launches Brand New Range of Multifil Based Products

Tue March 24, 2015

Hahl-Pedex Launches Brand New Range of Multifil Based Products

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Hahl Pedex is proud to announce a further extension to its extensive range of products for the technical brush and abrasive industry.

Using their vast knowledge in monofilament and abrasive monofilament extrusion and the wrapping and coating technology of Surtel Electronica sl, Hahl Pedex is now able to offer a full range of multifilament products to compliment their existing range, specifically designed for use in brushes and brush rolls for the flat steel and primary metal industries. Other applications include glass washing machines, printing machines, stone polishing and wood processing.

What is a Multifil?
Multifil is an engineered bristle based on multiple extruded synthetic filaments inside the same bristle wrapped and coated to ensure maximum stability and bending stiffness properties.

What are the benefits versus standard monofilaments?
Multifil bristles deliver more working filaments to the surface to be cleaned or processed which in turn results in a higher grinding efficiency or cleaning capacity.

Other advantages can include a reduction in filament breakage, high cleaning performance in oily and greasy environments, adding a capillary effect to the brush as well as longer lifetime.

A further advantage of the Multibrasif® abrasive range comes in the form of the hard wearing coating providing protection to brush making machinery from wear and tear.

Alkaline applications in the steel industry
A highlight of the range is MultiBil®. This multifil version of Hahl Pedex long established Bilon® range offers an improvement in lifetime and cleaning performance for use in chemical washing sections using alkaline solutions. This product is also resistant to acid attack when used inside the pickling process.

Industry expertise and service
The Multifil range will also be supplied from a range of standard inventory in hank lengths for quick delivery, a hallmark of Hahl Pedex service.

Hahl Pedex has also recruited the services of Mr Raimon Nosas, an industry expert in the field of multifilament and more than 30 years experience in producing industrial brushes, to help offer technical advice and support on this range.