Tue November 16, 2021


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MGG was founded near Venice in 1989 by the president Gianfranco Marcon, is a typical example of an Italian SME with high technological specialization in market niches.

MGG North America Corp headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina USA has been operating since September 2021. The new branch of the Italian group MGG is the sales company and the operative center of post-sale technical support  for all of the North American countries (Canada, Mexico, USA) for two market areas: technologies for the production of industrial paintbrushes and industrial automation systems for several sectors. “We have chosen to settle in North Carolina for its barycentric position in the East Coast between Florida and New Jersey – where the American paintbrush production is concentrated – and also taking into account the distance with Canada & Mexico” declares the CEO of MGG Srl, Mr. Loris Maestrutti.

North American customers can take advantage not only connecting with the Italian office as usual but also through the 24h MGG Service on site app, with the main goal of providing direct assistance of local technical experts starting from the second semester of 2022.
Mr. Voltolina, CEO of MGG NA adds: ”thanks to the investment in the USA, we are able to guarantee all our North American customers the utmost quality of our Italian production technology with a dedicated after-sales service”.

With the new branch in North Carolina, MGG can now serve closely the North American market not only regarding paintbrush manufacturers but also including industrial automation applied in several sectors. The Italian company designs and produces standard and tailor-made equipments. To ensure products highest quality standards and efficiency in the production of large amounts of structural paintbrushes, MGG has gradually specialized in the development of solutions for the industrial automation: vision systems, robotics, algorithms, and 4.0 solutions. Thus, the robotic division of MGG has developed an highly specialized know-how not only in technologies applied to the paintbrush industry but also thanks to hands-on experience in other sectors such as: wood  sorting, handling and packaging, waste recycling.  “Since MGG North America Corp project is committed to replicate the format of the Italian headquarter, we also propose ourselves to the North American market as a technological partner in different applicative sectors of industrial automation” explains Maestrutti.