Monterey Mills Seamless Roller Cover Wins the 2013

Wed March 27, 2013

Monterey Mills Seamless Roller Cover Wins the 2013 "Willie" 

ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award

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Monterey Mills of Janesville Wisconsin wins the coveted "Willie", the ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence award, for their seamless, collapsible paint roller that's received more than a dozen patents and has sparked interest from manufacturers around the globe.

The award is named after William Cordes, who served as the Association's first President from 1917-1928. This award serves as a constant reminder that all new and exciting endeavors have beginnings that connect with real people.

Monterey Mills Roller Cover2 03 13Paint rollers made from the new fabric will have superior pickup and release characteristics and will shed less fuzz than traditional roller covers, according to Monterey.

Since they're collapsible and can be squeezed flat, the roller pads are easier to store for wholesalers, retailers and painters. A shipping container could hold 1.5 million of the collapsible products compared with 90,000 noncollapsible pads.

"It takes a huge cost off the table" for manufacturers, said Dan Sinykin, Monterey Mills president.

Since the 1940s, paint rollers have been manufactured in much the same way, according to Sinykin. Fabric is wound onto a stiff tube, and the tube slides over a metal frame attached to a handle.

"It's a quantum leap," said David Parr, executive director of the American Brush Manufacturers Association, a Durango, Colo., trade group. "It's a significant deal because it involves a revolutionary way of looking at something that's been done the same way for a long time," Parr said.
Monterey Mills Shop Floor 2013"The knitting machine that produces the new roller is a breakthrough in the industry, and we created something that's never been done before , said Sinykin.

The ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award is given to recognize outstanding innovation in any manufactured product, component or service in the brush industry in any given year. Submitted entries are showcased during the ABMA Annual Convention, and the winner is announced at the convention's end.

Nominations for the Innovation Excellence Award for 2014 may be submitted until November 30, 2013. More information is available:
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