ZAHORANSKY Quality now also “Made in India”

Thu September 24, 2015

ZAHORANSKY Quality now also "Made in India"
Zahoransky Perfectly Different Logo 250w
These four machines and injection molding tools are now also available in ZAHORANSKY quality from India. Since the Indian plant was opened in 2013, ZAHORANSKY has invested steadily in the advanced development of the brush machines as well as in the latest technologies and innovations in order to achieve the tried-and-trusted ZAHORANSKY standard. This also includes the further training of qualified specialists. The ultra-modern factory is located in Coimbatore (India) on an area of 2,500 m² and meets the highest standards in terms of water consumption, energy efficiency, waste reduction, construction materials and interior work.

Z.ORCA 113i
Zah Orca 400w

• Available with manual magazine or automatic handle feeder
• Tufting, trimming, end-rounding
• Complex toothbrush design is feasible due to 13 processing stations for trimming and rounding
• Up to 1,000 tufts/minute
• Up to 30 brushes/minute (depending on the number of holes)

"BASIC LINE" - Mold for toothbrush handles

Zah Mold Basic 400w
• Economic entry-level solution
• Quality "Made by ZAHORANSKY"
• Production of high quality toothbrushes
• Wide range of optional features


Zah Shark 400w
• Machine for the manually operated finishing of toothbrushes
• Up to 1,000 tufts/minute
• High stacking magazine
• Three-color filament box
• Servo-operated for gentle switchover
• High precision and smooth running
• Also for brushes with chemically tapered filaments


Zah Sword 400w
• Machine for the manually operated finishing of toothbrushes with complex cuts and the best end rounding quality
• Date code printing
• Output belt with integrated brush cleaning unit
• With double clamping units for easy loading, with belt running on handle side
• Trimming and grinding stations can be replaced quickly

Zahoransky Perfectly Different Logo 250w