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Member Testimonials

I am a brush manufacturer and I receive numerous sales leads from the convention and from referrals from other brush makers. If you make a point to attend all of the meetings, meet the members and promote your business, you will establish the long term relationships that will benefit your business well into the future.

Jeff Malish - Malish Corporation

The ABMA convention gives me an opportunity to further cement relationships that I have with existing customers and to inform other companies of our capabilities.

D. Mark Fultz - Abtex Corp

Learning Leadership: I volunteered for ABMA service early on in my career and learned how to deal with and participate on the Board of Directors. I learned negotiation skills, the art of listening, getting your two cents in, how to get a room full of chiefs to do the work of Indians as well as develop a whole new kind of camaraderie and friendship.

Kristin Draper - Draper Knitting

Contacts I made at ABMA conventions have led to almost $1 million in sales annually for our company. Not a bad way to spend 4 days at a luxury resort.

Ken Rakusin - Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc.

Networking, Networking, Networking.

Ian Moss - Static Faction, Inc.

Almost 50% of our customer base was built on attending and meeting potential customers at ABMA conventions. Certainly visiting customers without attending ABMA is possible, but it's the camaraderie that helps develop not only customer/vendor relations, but also friendships.

Carlos Petzold - Borghi USA and Bodam Int'l.

The suppliers display helps us explore new product/process ideas with the various suppliers.

D. Mark Fultz - Abtex Corp.

Managing a business requires good information. ABMA provides a wealth of information. Everything from industry statistics including wage and benefit surveys for benchmarking to learning what is coming down the road in the brush industry worldwide. No brush maker has to join ABMA, but then you don't have to turn your headlights on to drive at night either. All of this and the association with some of the nicest people in the world at some of the most fun places to visit.

John Cottam - Industrial Brush Corporation

Five years ago I found and qualified a new raw materials supplier. The cost savings was $31,000 per year.

Robert G. Fowlie - Brush Research Mfg.

It's a great place to find a spouse!

Carlos Petzold - Borghi USA and Bodam Int'l.

The main reason I am an ABMA member is for the opportunity to network with peers. A large percentage of our business is selling brushes to other brush companies. Networking with other brush companies in the ABMA has been valuable in numerous ways, such as increasing our sales.

Gus Treslo - E. Gornell & Sons, Inc.

Connections: You might be connected with someone who you need the services of and just not know it yet! I have found several times that I am looking for something like a specific fiber or coating and although it might not pertain to the "brush" segment of my business, I have successfully tapped those resources for all aspects of my business.

Kristin Draper - Draper Knitting

I get to see most of my major suppliers in one location every year. This is substantially more cost effective than separate trips.

Jeff Malish - Malish Corporation

I have been a member for over 30 years, with three different companies and there is no other forum where one can actually get face time with the Owners and Presidents of major customer companies, in a relaxed and convivial setting.

Ian Moss - Static Faction, Inc.

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